As in so many sectors of society, the pandemic has pushed the tourism industry to a point of reckoning. The enforced pause of the past year has allowed the industry to take full stock of its impact on communities and on our natural life support systems. As a result, what had been the plea of only a few has become a widespread mantra: tourism must come to deliver not only gross revenue but “net benefit,” taking into account the wide range of social, economic and environmental costs. From now on, the wellbeing of the destination community is to be tourism’s…

It’s frustrating and disappointing — to put it in absurdly mild terms — that we’re still having to protest the same problems we did in the 1960s. That decade brought so much power to the table, with the Civil Rights movement, the Stonewall riots, the Women’s Liberation movement, the anti-war protests, the environmental movement, the Red Power and Chicano movements, and the Summer of Love. …

Michelle Holliday

Maven, Guide, Strategist, Speaker. Author of The Age of Thrivability: Vital Perspectives & Practices for a Better World.

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